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Mahamaham Tank, Adhi Kumbeswarar temple, Swamimalai Temple, Abimugeswarar Temple, Sarangapani Temple, Nageswaran Temple.Tours and Travels in kumbakonam

Tours and Travels in kumbakonam



Is the Budhan sthalam committed to planet Mercury.Thiruvenkadu is one of the navagraha sthalam.Thiruvenkadu's Sanskrit name is Shwetaranya and both actually mean - frightened white woods.



Chevvai is the child of Lord Shiva, conceived from his sweat, when he was in profound reflection. As he was conceived out of his sweat, he was called as Angaraka.Kalathira Dosham is releived by revering this planet.


Kizhaperumpallam is a navagraha kshetram where Kethu bhaghavan is revered with his partner Chitralekha. Legend is that Kethu did serious compensation towards Naganadhaswamy the directing god of Tirunageswaram sanctuary.



Tirunageswaram is the real Rahu sthala where Rahu is accepted to have supplicated Lord Siva. Consequently the place came to be called as Tirunageswaram. The sthala cherishes Rahu Bhagavan with his two consorts.



A well known legend related with the Tirunallar sanctuary is that King Nala disposed of the part of Sani Bhagavan simply in the wake of washing up in the Brahma Thirtham of the sanctuary, and on venerating the God at Tirunallar sanctuary.



Legend associated with this Navagraha Guru is the legend of agitating the Paarkadal. Whenever Devas, were beating the paarkadal for nectar,Snake Vasuki spilted out the toxic substance from his mouth.


It is associated with at least one interesting legends. Engravings says that Chandra is conceived out of AndiriMuni's correct eye who is the child of Lord Brahma



Tirunageswaram is the major Rahu sthala where Rahu is believed to have prayed Lord Siva. Hence the place came to be called as Tirunageswaram. The sthala enshrines Rahu Bhagavan with his two consorts.



The asura Guru sukrachariyar in the wake of doing extreme repentances procured awesome forces and great endowments from Lord Shiva. He is said to have had the forces to bring back the lives of the dead with the assistance of Amritha sanjeeveni mantram.



These 9 planets are in navagraha temples around in the kumbakonam.